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Success Stories: Tahoe Office

When designing the Sobeys Inc. corporate office in Mississauga, Ontario, two key elements were top of mind: minimizing the building’s carbon footprint while creating a healthy and comfortable work environment for our employees. On January 23, 2015, less than two years after breaking ground, employees from four area buildings moved into the new Tahoe Office, named for its location on Tahoe Boulevard.

The Build

To reduce the demand and associated environmental impacts with the transportation of products and materials, the base of the Tahoe building was constructed using materials containing recycled regional content. All the lighting installations contain low concentrations of mercury, to reduce the human and environmental impacts associated with mercury emissions.

Quick Impact Facts

  • The Tahoe building uses less energy and less water than similar builds through the use of various low-carbon, energy saving measures such as a building automation system to regulate internal motors and pumps, LED lighting, light timers, thermostatic mixing valves, low flush toilets, touch sensor taps, and more.
  • The more than 800 Sobeys employees who call the building home are provided with organic, recyclable and garbage receptacles to maximize the amount of garbage that is diverted from landfills and waste incineration. The most recent waste audit concluded that the current waste diversion rate (percentage of uncontaminated waste materials diverted from landfill) is 85 per cent!
  • The Tahoe building is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED ®) certified. This certification is , a voluntary, consensus-based standard administrated by the Canada Green Building Council that represents environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility.
  • The Tahoe building has two Electric Vehicle charging stations available for employee use.