Our Initiatives

Sobeys Commitment

Since the launch of our first structured sustainability efforts over seven years ago, we have made steady progress to reduce our environmental footprint as it relates to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and waste management.

Sobeys is committed to continuously analyzing and implementing initiatives in our operations to minimize our energy use and improve waste practices use to reduce our environmental impact.

Our Approach

Across our retail network we have worked to reduce GHG emissions throughout our various operations. Through our efforts we have made significant progress in reducing our refrigerant leaks and energy usage, including the use of electricity and heating fuels.

We are currently working on moving to a more robust data collection and reporting tool to develop energy use reduction targets.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

We have implemented many energy conservation/efficiency projects across the organization. We conservatively estimate that collectively these projects have enabled us to reduce our electricity consumption by 12 per cent or the equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 3,600 Canadian homes.

Electricity Consumption

We have reduced the impact of leaks by replacing refrigerants that have a high Global Warming Potential (GWP). These efforts have helped us reduce our contribution to climate change as measured by kilograms of Carbon Dioxide equivalents per square foot of retail space by 45 per cent. Please visit the Sustainability in Action section for more detailed information on refrigerants.

Refrigerant Losses

We are continuously working to identify and implement efficiencies in order to reduce the kilometers traveled by our fleets. Back hauling is an example of a simple initiative that results in reduced transportation-related environmental impacts and costs. These efforts have helped us decrease our CO2 equivalent emissions per 100 km by 14 per cent.


Diverting waste from landfills generates many environmental, social and financial benefits. We have collaborated with our waste management partners in widespread efforts to reduce the amount of paper, cardboard, plastic and organic waste sent to landfill.

As Sobeys continues to grow it operations, we are looking to continue the improvement of our diversion rates by 2 per cent (on average) annually which decreases the waste Sobeys sends to landfill significantly.

Waste Sent to Landfills