Our Initiatives

Sobeys Commitment

Food waste is the loss of food along the value chain that is either suitable for human consumption or will be fit for consumption after processing. An estimated 32 percent of all food produced in the world is lost or wasted from farm to fork. Each year, Canadians waste $31 billion worth in food, from farm to table. Food waste often ends up in landfills where it produces methane, a powerful greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change.

47% of food waste occurs at the consumer level and only 10% occurs at the retail level. Despite the low percentage of food waste occurring at the retail level, Sobeys recognizes its role as a retailer in addressing food waste in its retail operations as well as educating consumers on how to reduce food waste at home.

Consumer Education

Studies have shown that while food is wasted throughout the food supply chain, a staggering 47 per cent of food waste occurs at home. In metro Vancouver food waste made up 40 per cent of landfill-bound garbage before organics were banned from landfills in January 2015.

Love Food Hate Waste(LFHW) is a campaign led by the UK charity, Waste and Resources Action Program (WRAP). The campaign empowers us to reduce food waste by sharing recipe ideas, food storage tips and easy meal planning suggestions with customers.

Metro Vancouver, a political body governing 21 Vancouver-area municipalities, one electoral area and one Treaty First Nation, partnered with Love Food Hate Waste (LFHW) and 10 Safeway stores to build awareness of food waste and provide customers with food saving solutions. The campaign educated more than six hundred Safeway customers on how to reduce food waste at home.

In 2018, Sobeys joined as a partner to the Love Food Hate Waste Canada National campaign launch. The campaign brings together Canadian retailers, local and provincial agencies and non=government organizations in an effort to change Canadians' behaviours around food and dramatically reduce the amount of food wasted across the country everyday.

Food Waste Tips

Our Safeway customers were invited to join in on the dialogue by sharing their own food waste tips through social media. Try out the food waste tips from our customers below:

  • To make it easier to preserve and use garlic, peel all the cloves and put them in a jar filled with olive oil. Store the jar in the fridge and the cloves will keep for a while.
  • Keep store-bought strawberries in a glass canning jar rather than the plastic package they came in. The strawberries will last about a week longer.
  • Make a batch of pesto with herbs and nuts that need to be used up and freeze it in ice cube trays. Pop a cube of pesto into any dish that needs flavor.