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We’re always working hard to make it easier for our customers to make healthier and more nutritious choices, helping to nurture healthy bodies and minds across Canada. That’s why we’re taking our mission to foster nutrition education and know – how out into the places we live through our community investment program. It’s also a commitment our teammates put into action every day in our stores, where we’re continuously adding new food and health products that are not only good for you — they’re delicious too.

Our Approach

Our commitment to nurture the health of our customers includes focusing on the nutritional quality of our Own Brands and moving quickly to identify and meet emerging customer needs for plant – based proteins and other healthier options.

Our Own Brands team diligently follows consumer insights trends such as an increased demand for vegetable protein products and quickly translates them into delicious offerings such as our Compliments Plant Based Almond Dip. All of our Compliments products are designed to meet health and nutrition standards such as Health Canada’s 2016 sodium guidelines. We also leverage internal standards around product attributes such as flavours or colours. Great care goes into to documenting and testing our products to ensure that product information is accurate and complete. Existing products go through an external and internal third – party check on a regular basis to ensure that they remain consistent over time.

The overall Compliments portfolio includes over 750 products to meet the nutritional and health needs of customers, including:

Compliments-Organic Compliments_Organic

Compliments Organic

Naturally delicious choices from fresh ingredients to convenient delights that are certified by Quality Assurance International.

Compliments-Naturally-Simple Compliments_Naturally_Simple

Compliments Naturally Simple

We recently launched 24 chemical – free shrimp products under our Compliments Naturally Simple line up, along with six plant – based products.

Compliments-Balance Compliments_Balance

Compliments Balance

Better – for – you products that have been evaluated by registered dietitians to help consumers achieve a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. Over time, we’re merging these products into the main Compliments brand as part of our commitment to make every one of our Own Brands products healthy and nutritious.

Compliments-Gluten-Free Compliments_Gluten_Free

Compliments Gluten-Free

Are all certified gluten-free products that do not compromise on taste, texture or quality.

Compliments-Greencare Compliments_Greencare

Compliments Greencare

A range of eco-friendly and family-friendly household products that make it easy for consumers to make smart environmental decisions.

Nurturing-the-health-and-nutrition Nurturing-the-health-and_nutrition

Nurturing the health and nutrition of our customers and communities is part of our commitment to fostering health bodies and healthy minds.