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From coast-to-coast, the businesses of Empire and Sobeys Inc. are led by an executive team of dedicated leaders who share a common passion - food retailing.

This committee holds the roles and responsibilities of:

  • Acting on behalf of the Board,
  • Prioritizing issues for the Board to discuss,
  • Meeting at regular intervals to discuss urgent matters of the company,
  • Providing organizational direction and oversight,
  • Managing high-level workplace matters of a serious nature, and
  • Working to enhance the communication between the Board, its committees, and the staff of the company.

To read more about each member of this committee, select their profile to expand their description.

  • Image of Michael Medline President and CEO

    Michael Medline

    President and CEO
    Director Since 2017

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  • Image of Matt Reindel Executive Vice President and CFO

    Matt Reindel

    Executive Vice President and CFO

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  • Image of Simon Gagné Executive Vice President and CHRO

    Simon Gagné

    Executive Vice President and CHRO

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  • Image of Doug Nathanson Senior Vice President of the General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

    Doug Nathanson

    Executive Vice President, Chief Development Officer and General Counsel

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  • Image of Sandra Sanderson Senior Vice President of Marketing

    Sandra Sanderson

    Chief Marketing Officer

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  • Pierre St-Laurent

    Pierre St-Laurent

    Chief Operating Officer

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  • Julia Knox

    Julia Knox 

    Chief Technology and Analytics Officer, Chief Privacy Officer (CPO)

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Sobeys Inc. is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Empire. Both companies have a wealth of business empowerments that continue in both branches of operation: food retailing and real estate. Follow the links below to find out more about these companies.

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