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Since the 2005 launch of Compliments, Sobeys Inc.’s  Own Brands offerings, we’ve been inspiring Canadians every day with better food choices and the best combination of quality, price and selection.

Own Brands from Sobeys Inc.

Before a Compliments item makes it onto store shelves, it has gone through a rigorous testing process to make sure it’s the best it can be. Once it leaves the hands of our passionate and knowledgeable team of product developers, we hand over our food ideas to the true experts — our customers.

The Compliments Consumer Taste Panel is made up of a rotating group of panelists who assess how every new Compliments product meets the Compliments brand quality criteria. Using their feedback, we determine whether an item is ready for store shelves or needs further testing and improvement.

Discover Own Brands Compliments, Panache, and S!gnal at all Sobeys Inc. banner stores.

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Launched in 2005, Compliments is Sobeys Inc.’s private-label. Compliments is offered to all customers, across all provinces. We work hard to inspire customers to make better everyday food choices by ensuring Compliments is the brand that represents the best combination of quality, price, and selection.

The Compliments product file includes:

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Compliments Balance

Representing a healthy and balanced lifestyle promoted by registered dieticians, Compliments Balance provides the requirements for today’s life.

An image representing Compliments Gluten free products

Compliments Gluten-Free

Ensuring all Canadians are able to enjoy the taste, texture, and quality of so many nutritious foods, Compliments Gluten-Free is here.

An image representing Compliments Organic products

Compliments Organic

Simple ingredients and fresh produce are a natural delight certified by Quality Assurance International for Compliments Organic.

An image representing Compliments Greencare products

Compliments Greencare

Eco-friendly and family-friendly, Compliments Greencare is helping Canadians make more environmentally friendly choices while they shop.

An image representing Compliments Naturally Simple products

Compliments Naturally Simple

With Compliments Naturally Simple products, customers have access to simple and healthy products that deliver superior taste and quality.

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Formally known as Sensations by Compliments, Canadians can find the Panache brand brings premium quality and superior taste to everyday foods.


Discover a variety of everyday basics – from food to household items – at the lowest price on shelf.

Exclusive to Sobeys Inc. there are hundreds of ways to save with these no-nonsense, quality products. S!gnal is your signal for our lowest price.

Find a selection of the S!gnal products found at Sobeys Inc. banner stores:

An image representing SIGNAL brand products
An image representing SIGNAL brand products

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Own Brands are at the heart of a great grocery-shopping experience and our core values are reflected in our rich and diverse history. Dig in, and learn more about Sobeys Inc.
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